Babies starting swimming

Posted on: 2019/08/14

Categolized in: テフェ

Yesterday, the fly of bitaeniata tefe started swimming.

It’s been about a week since they were spawned.

The number of eggs was 82, but it looks like there should be 30 left so far.

Their mother ‘s condition seemed to be good for the past week, so I thought I was keeping the water quality well, but somehow it’s no good!

It takes three years to master anything, and I think 1.3 years as a breeder of Apistogramma is still a long way off.

Nevertheless, this was my first time that breeding Bitaeniata is success, so it was a milestone for me.

I’ve had a year of breeding failures for a variety of reasons, with many dwarf cichlids.

I would like to breed bitaeniata tefe two or three times to get many babies and select the hardy ones that have endured the poor breeding.

It takes quite a while for the fly to grow, so it’s still a long way off.

I would like to keep my guard up and try to raise them with a parental heart.

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