1.5 month old fly

Posted on: 2019/09/30

Categolized in: テフェ

I checked my blog post history, and it’s been 1.5 months since the bitaeniata tefe fry started swimming.

The advantage of blogging is that it’s easy to see what happened when.

The fry are growing to about 5mm.

I feel that they have grown slimmer than when I raised the fry of Ap. borelli.

It’s not possible to feed them a lot of bait to avoid water quality deterioration, but the activity looks good.

By the time they reach their third month, I hope they will be about 1cm in size.

I am looking forward to seeing when the growth period will come.

I also need to be able to determine when to remove the females in order to increase the dividend of the bait.

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