Bitaeniata, spawn!!

Posted on: 2019/08/07

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Yesterday I saw a female spawning tube growing in and out of a flowerpot.

Maybe it’s time to spawn?

I read one volume of the comic and waited for it, but the spawning was over.

Eggs immediately after laying will not be ruined by a slight roll up of mud.

(I think it depends on the amount of mud and the degree of dirt. If an anaerobic environment had formed on the bottom floor, not only the eggs would die, but the parents as well.)

Also, if you turn the flowerpot over to check the eggs, put them right back in the same place and the mother will take care of them again.

I’ve never been able to get along with the pair and parent them before, so their dad moved right in.

The number of eggs was about 82.

It’s more than enough for me.

Their mother repeatedly patrols the tank in circles and returns to the eggs.

When the fly start swimming , the mother will be more beautiful yellow.

I wonder if they will grow up from the eggs without a hitch…

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