The day on which my loving fish came to my home

I went to my favorite aquarium shop yesterday. (2020/01/04)

Then, it was the first sale for New Year!

I thought to buy only some consumables, not to buy Apistogramma.

But a specie I want was arriving just that day.

I waited the arriving for long time.

When I started to breeding Apistogramma a year and a half ago, that fish were stock at shops a little.

I was fascinated by them.

But the breeding them is difficult and my aquarium tank was too young.

I did not buy them.

After that, they have not come to Japan ever since.

I’ve been checking stock information every week to meet them again…

Finally, I met them again.

There was no way to miss this chance!

The order to buy was determined by lottery in the first sale.

Surprisingly, I chose the first order!

My New Year’s luck was good luck.

Although the individual is still small, he has orange color on his caudal fin and brilliant red spots at his cheeks.

His body shape is like a foot-ball.

It’s cute!

This is Ap. sp. D39!


He was on guard.

I couldn’t take a good photo. (>_<)

I want to bring up him and her, to make breeding success!